The European Velo Nr. 6 bike route passes in front of PROMENADE following the course of the Danube. A perfect tour for beginners.

Either as a destination or resting place drop by to our restaurant. It is also a perfect point to rest on arriving from Budapest, Visegrad or Esztergom.

The distance can easily be covered by boat there and back. The boat dock is just 150m walking distance from the centre of Szentendre. If you have any questions regarding transport and timetables please feel free to contact us!

PROMENADE is situated in the town centre, next to the Danube . The restaurant has its own garden. Relax knowing your bike is safe, and enjoy the Mediterranean style garden from any of the tables. Make yourself at home here. Should your clothes get wet from an unexpected shower then dry them here!

We are happy to assist you in renting a bike, or organising minor repairs – PROMENADE staff speak five languages Hungarian, German, English, French, and Russian.

Promenade - the bicycle-friendly tavern

1st route: Szentendre island

Explore the untouched Szentendre island, almost 20km of rolling meadows, woods, sand dunes giving a home to rare plants and animals. In the little villages you have the feeling that time has stood still. Visitors can horse-ride, travel by horse and cart, and go golfing.

2nd route: Szentendre - Visegrád – Esztergom (Velo Nr.6)

The Danube bend is one of the most beautiful tourist trips complete with a rich historical past and many things to see.

Where to go?

Leányfalu (5 km from Szentendre): A spa on the beautiful green belt Danube bank with medicinal waters springing from the depth of the earth. Other services available include sauna, massage and sports swimming pool.

Visegrád (15 km from Szentendre): Royal Palace, Citadel with an amazing view of the Danube and Danube bend, countless trips to explore the Pilis Park Wood.

Esztergom ( 25 km from Szentendre): The 3rd highest Cathedral in Europe, birthplace of the Hungarian state founding King.

One way to really enjoy the scenery is to make a round trip by boat to Visegrad and Esztergom.

3rd route: Budapest – Szentendre (20 km one way)

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. This special medieval and baroque style city is divided into two parts, Pest and Buda, by the Danube.

Departure: Budapest - Buda Bike Tours

Meeting point: 10.30am Szent István Square, Basilica

The route follows the flood catchment woods and the Danube.

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